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RIP Kurt Vonnegut

I wish I could have met you.

Earring update!

One of the school's police officers found my earring and took it to lost and found! Huzzah! I ended up losing a button off my jacket, but at least that's easier to replace.

I got a letter today from the State of Connecticut General Assembly Committee on Legislative Internships (yowzah, that's a long name). I was worried it would be to say "thanks, but no thanks" for my internship next semester. Instead it's an appointment for an interview for it. Yah! I don't know if they interview everyone who applied or if this is the next level of weeding out. Either way, I'm happy to be here! So, Monday the 28th at 1140am I get to try and impress people. Amazingly, my dress slacks still fit (nice that something still does.)

What a crappy day.

Well, it hasn't been anything dramatic, just a lot of little things.

Because the cat peed on the couch last night I was interrupted from packing my bag for school. So when I got to school this morning I discovered I had forgotten my math book and graphing calculator. Thankfully it wasn't an exam day or I would have been screwed. The prof loaned me a book and a calc - I guess this is a bonus to being good for most of the semester.

After math I was walking to history and heard a strange, though not very loud noise. I turned to see if something had fallen off my backpack (I have lots of buttons on there.) Nothing on the floor and no buttons missing, so I continued to class. About five minutes into history I reach up and discover my earring is gone: my gold and amber earrings that I've had for about fifteen years. Well, now I have one. I went back to the hallway to check after class, and it wasn't there. I'm going to try the lost and found when I go to lunch, but I highly doubt anyone will turn it in. This has me bummed.

On the plus side my back hurts less today, and I have my poli sci paper done early - 11 pages long. For now I need to start on my English lead that is due today. Blah.

Back hurts.

My back hurts, again. Well, still, as it was hurting last night. It feels like I have a baseball-sized mass of hurt under my right shoulderblade which is spreading to other parts of my back and down my arm. I'm missing class and work again. Not good, not good. I am calling the doctor in a half an hour and hoping I can get something to help - I doubt they can do much about it otherwise. For now I am going to try to get a couple things done. The more I can get done, the less chance of being screwed if my back hurts more.

My day.

I'm not sure if I posted it on here in my blind fury at the newspaper staff, but at last week's meeting the subject of an editorial about abortions/abortion rights came up. I thought I had managed to get it nixed... evidentally not. Turns out I volunteered for the pro side. I mentioned today that I didn't sign up for this, (I'm already writing an article and a movie review plus the layout,) and they tries to give it to someone else. Stubborn ol' me kept it though - after all I have strong feelings on the subject. I think I may use some of my rant about the subject for the paper. Oh, and I'm doing a pic/political cartoon to go with it. I'm completely at a loss. If anyone has a good idea for this, fire away. I can draw it, once I know what to do. Oh, and the recent issue of the paper came out today. Everyone raved how good it looked. Darn tootin'.

I got my third math exam back today. 98% due to a stupid mistake. Oh well. My average in that class is now 98.67%. I suppose that will do. My US History prof pushed our paper back a week, so now I have until the 28th. This is a blessing and a curse, as I have two other papers due the 21st, but need to work on my History honors paper and newspaper articles over Thanksgiving weekend. So I am trying to have my Food Stamp paper done tonight, my English essay done before Friday and I can do the much shorter History paper over this weekend.

I think I'm going to see the dean tomorrow and see if there's a way to get what's left of my financial aid to cover this semester's tuition so I can register ($216 vs $164). I figure the worst he can say is no. It would be very nice to go ahead and register before the classes I want fill up.

Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll. I didn't know y'all were so pro arts... or is it just anti-poli sci? Hmmm.

My mom sent me this, and it made me laugh, so I thought I'd share: Happy Turkey Day!

Let's Play "Wheel of Majors"

Wheel of majors, turn turn turn, tell me the major that I should learn...

Poll #611734 What should I major in?

Do you think I should major in:

Fine Arts
Political Science
Women's Studies

Pre-law. Good idea or bad?


PS Yes - good idea. No - bad idea.

Let's see what the survery says! (Wait, I'm mixing shows now.)

procrastination central

Thank you to iansha for this site. Who needs to do homework?

Something that really bugs me...

If a store is going to carry plus sized clothing on their website, why can't they carry it in their stores? Really, is it so hard to have a couple items in each extended size? They could even have a sign along the lines of "extended sizes available, please ask an associate" and could store them in the back.

I suppose it's good that stores even have extended sizes nowadays.

What a long day.

I went to an info session at Mt. Holyoke College today. It started at 9am, and since we only have one car, I had to drop Donnie off at work first. Fifty miles to Naugatuck, seventy-two miles to South Hadley. We left the apartment at 615am, and by the time I got to the CT/MA state line I was falling asleep. Fortunately, I made it there, and back, in one piece.

Impressions of Mt. Holyoke:

-Pretty campus and a lot bigger than I had thought. Gorgeous library.
-Very nice people. The non-traditional students, Francis Perkins Scholars, seem a lot more integrated in to normal school life than at some other schools I've seen.
-Every beginning student gets a plant from MHC's botanical gardens when they start. I'd probably kill mine in two weeks, but I still thought it was cool.
-Everyone was very helpful. I got to show myt projected class schedule for the next three semesters to one of the higher ups. They said I was right on track with my classes and might want to consider applying for Jan 07 admission instead of Aug 07. I don't know about this yet. They also complemented my spreadsheet - someone appreciates my geekiness.
-I heard a lot of women say they had considered Smith College as well as MHC, but chose MHC and have not regretted it. I figure there's probably women at Smith who are the opposite. I am keeping an open mind.
-Smith still has one thing in its favor. I like the setting better - next to Northhampton. When I went to St. Olaf one of my biggest complaints was the isolation. Maybe this would be different now, but I doubt it. Smith and even Wellesley seem more condusive to not having a car.

I'm sure I'll think of more impressions one I've had some time to rest.

I also stopped by the local food bank, Foodshare, today to discuss doing some volunteer graphic and web work. Nice people. I am looking forward to working with them.

I have something to write about majors, but I'm so tired that I'm having to retype almost every word. Instead of getting fustrated, I think it can wait, so more on this later.

A long rant.

I am pissed.

I just finished watching this week’s Frontline, “The Last Abortion Clinic.” (the episode website)

It’s no secret that I am pro-choice. I have never had an abortion, and I don’t know that I ever could if faced with the choice.

If pro-lifers want to stop abortion, here’s my opinion on a better way to go about it. Instead of standing in front of the door singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” work for change that keeps women from ending up in unwanted/unplanned pregnancies in the first place. Help fund education so that women know that if they are pregnant that they should seek prenatal care so they have healthy babies. Help start social/church services to provide day care for these mothers so they CAN have the baby and still manage to work or go to school. Most of all, teach kids about birth control. Wagging a finger and saying “no sex” isn’t going to get the job done.

And to the “pregnancy crisis centers;” places that often promise comprehensive medical advice and services but deliver anti-abortion propaganda If you want to encourage women to have their babies, then you need to be more involved. Guilting a woman into keeping her baby, offering some free diapers, baby clothes and a stroller isn’t enough. You need to help these women after the children are born. Educate them on nutrition and child care. Educate women on the services available to them through the state. While you may think you’re doing a wonderful thing by making sure that one more baby comes into the world, where are you when that woman’s six-month old baby is sick and she can’t afford a doctor or medicine? Where are you when she can’t afford to feed her baby? Many people who favor these centers have pushed for requirements that abortion clinics provide information on all the options available to a pregnant woman, including adoption and crisis centers; yet when crisis centers provide this information they refuse to offer any information on abortion clinics.

I am not a very religious person. I am not an atheist, more of an “undecided.” When people push for legislation based on their religious beliefs they seem to overlook the fact that not everyone in this country has the same set of beliefs as you. According to this paper, the world’s major religions differ on their view of abortion.

  • ”Many countries identified as predominantly Catholic have adopted abortion legislation that favors women’s rights to health and individual decision-making. Belgium, France and Italy, which have largely Catholic populations, permit abortions upon a women’s request.”
  • ”There are several different schools of though within Islam that prescribe a range of guidelines on abortion, from permitting abortion without qualifications for pregnancies under 120 days to prohibiting the practice all together.”
  • In Hinduism, “Where a woman experiences a moral conflict over an abortion decision, dharma permits her to consider the decision in light of the demands of the situation and her own conscience.”
  • ”There is support in Buddhist scholarship for women’s freedom to choose abortion under certain circumstances.”
  • ”In considering Jewish perspectives on abortion, scholars have emphasized that the woman’s well-being is a central consideration in Jewish law and teachings.” Also, “Israel, the world’s only official Jewish state, permits abortion on numerous grounds,” including cases where, “a pregnancy poses a threat to a woman’s life or physical or mental health…”

I think it comes down to this. An abortion is a difficult choice. Whatever you decide to do is between you and the deity of your choice. If in that deity’s eyes you have done something wrong then you will be punished for it. It is not our job as mortals to judge.

You, the reader may have a different point of view. Please respect my right to my view, as I respect yours. If you’d like more information on the subject of reproductive rights legislation, including Ayotte v. New Hampshire, scheduled to be heard on November 30, you can visit Frontline’s website for a brief explanation of the cases staring with Roe v. Wade in 1973.